Family & Staff

Dominick Neri

President / CEO

I am owner and President of Neri’s Bakery Products Inc. Our family has been in the bakery business for over 111 years. We pride ourselves on running an efficient operation, where excellence and customer service is a standard that our entire organization lives by. We appreciate your continued patronage, and do pledge to all our loyal customers, that the “Old World” level of quality and service will always remain the same. At Neri’s Bakery, our customers are our most important product! We look forward to servicing you for the next 111 years.

Paul Neri

VP Production

I am owner and VP of Production for our family bakery, which was founded over 111 years ago. Here at Neri’s Bakery Products Inc., we continually improve the way that we produce our very fine bread, bagel and pastry products for the consuming public. Our intent is to use as many natural ingredients in our products as we possibly can, which is the “Old World” method of baking, as well as a healthier way of eating. We here at Neri’s Bakery appreciate your business, and look forward to serving the consuming public for the next 111 years.

Lori Neri

Human Resources Director

We here at Neri’s, are extremely proud of the accomplishments that we have achieved over the last 111 years, and we continually strive to make everything better for our customers as well as for our employees. We look forward to serving you both now, and in the future.

Anthony Neri

General Manager

I am a 4th Generation Neri, and am very proud of the accomplishments that my family has attained in the baking industry. My goals are to continue the same methods of quality and customer service for all our customers that our family has built our business on. I look forward to celebrating our next 111 years.

Bob Neri

VP Sales & Marketing

Our goals are set to accomplish a growth rate of 20% a year. and with the continued improvements and continuity of our very fine bakery products, that goal will be achieved for many years to come. The family edict, as well as our Mission Statement, is to be the best that we can be at what we do, and what we do best is to provide the consuming public with the finest bakery products the industry has to offer.

Brett Neri

Human Resources/SQF Practitioner

I graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in applied psychology & human relations with a minor in biology. After four years of education, I am proud to be a part of my family’s business. I hope to impart what I have learned in college to our business, in order to see that we continually grow into the next 111 years.

I have been with Neri’s Bakery since March of 2000. I graduated from Quinnipiac University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in accounting, and have worked in both private and public accounting (Arthur Young and Company, Inc.). I have extensive banking and finance experience, and have spent many years auditing and automating several accounting departments. I also serve as President of the Board of Directors for a company in Orlando Florida since 1992. My primary goal is to continue to work with management and the staff of Neri’s Bakery Products Inc., to maintain a level of customer satisfaction, into the next 111 years.

Domenick Cicatelli

VP Operations

This is my 20th year in the baking industry, five of which have been with Neri’s Bakery Products. I am very proud to be affiliated with an extremely professional growing company that values the efforts of its employees and treats us all as part of the family. As the VP of Operations, my goals are to create a harmonious work environment within the various departments and see that the edict of our management is carried out while always keeping our customer number one.

Elna Barese German

Accounts Payable

1 have been working for Neri Bakery Products, Inc. since April of 1995 …. It was a time in my life for a major change …. and was the beginning of a great relationship with the Neri Family. It has been an honor to be a part of such a close knit family business. I got to celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of their Successful Business … not many people can say that!! I sang with my Brother’s Band that day at Lyon’s park and was overwhelmed with the greatest feeling!! I have enjoyed these 16 years working with the Neri Team ….. we have a small office staff … but we are a great team and that says a lot! !! I love the fact that we have a close relationship with most of our customers/drivers, it makes for a relaxed atmosphere, I hope to continue working with the Neri Family until it is time for me to retire!!

Joseph Topolski

VP Operations

I am pleased about my opportunity to work with the Neri family, and assist them in their goal of maintaining “Old World” baking traditions and product quality. I have dedicated my adult working career to the baking industry and have been employed by the two largest wholesale baking companies in the United States. I am excited about this career opportunity to work for a family owned and operated baking company that believes in and maintains “Old World” baking tradition and product quality, while building for a future of “World Class” performance and customer satisfaction

Dagoberto Santos

Senior Supervisor

My employment started in 1988 in the sanitation department. Since then I have worked my way up to my present position as Senior Supervisor overseeing the entire sanitation department as well as the production department. My goals are set to see that we run a most pristine operation as well as an efficient operation. I’m very proud to be working for Neri’s Bakery Products Inc as I have had the opportunity to grow along with the company.

Alexander Varghese

Director of Plant Operations

I graduated from Kerala University with a bachelors degree in 1988. In 1990 I started working at Bombay Britannia Bakery. In 1994, I came to the United states and started pursuing a career in the baking industry. In 2019, I joined the team of Neri’s Bakery and it has been the best opportunity I have ever received. It has been an exceptional experience thus far working with this family owned business. I am very proud to be working with such a successful company and hope to grow along with them!

Anthony Frank Neri

VP Production Director

I am a proud 4th generation Neri who grew up watching my family grow our bakery. I have made it a priority to learn every aspect of the business, similar to my family, which makes Neri’s Bakery unique. I am honored to provide our community with the best quality products and customer service. I look forward to passing our business to future generations of Neri’s and to continue to be a mainstay in our community for the next 100 years!

Maria Cambareri

Accounts Payable Manager

Salvatore Neri Jr.

Pastry Division Manager

Dan Nunez

Maintenance Director

Barbara, Evelyn,
Elna, Ashley

Wilbert Sanchez

HR Manager